Cyberpsychology & Internet Psychology

Serving the evolving field of Cyberpsychology in the UK and internationally.

Our Section Formative Group visit the BPS offices in London.


June 2015: The proposal for the formation of a British Psychological Society Cyberpsychology Section gained unanimous approval at the first stage from the Society’s Research Board. The Formative Group (Kaye, Attrill, Fullwood & Bignell) presented at the BPS offices in London and gained approval to recommend the section proposal to the Board of Trustees. Upon approval, we were required to generate a vote from 1% of the membership in order to  join the 15 other BPS sections with the aim to promote psychological research and the exchange of ideas within Cyberpsychology and related fields.

July 2017: We successfully obtained 1% of BPS membership support for the Section proposal and this led BPS members being asked to vote in favour or opposition of the Section

Spring 2018: More than 80% of BPS members voted in favour of our Section

August 2018: The Cyberpsychology Section vote was approved and thus we were now formally established as a BPS Section

October 2018: British Psychological Society members were informed they could nominate themselves for BPS Cyberpsychology Section committee roles or to be a committee member.

November 2018: The British Psychological Society convened an AGM for all new Sections on 29th November 2018. This included the election of committee membership for the interim until our first AGM in 2019.

December 2018: British Psychological Society members can join the new Section here. For 2019, Section membership is FREE.

March 2018: It has been confirmed that our first AGM will be taking place on 19th June 2019 at the University of Wolverhampton. Section members will receive notification of the nomination process, whereby the election for our committee will take place at this meeting