Cyberpsychology & Internet Psychology

Cyberpsychologist Expertise Listing

Dr Alison Attrill (University of Wolverhampton) - Formative Group

Online disclosure; online relationships; social networking; online deviance.

Alison Attrill


Dawn Branley (Durham University) - Forum Admin

Online risk behaviours; social media.

Dawn Branley


Dr Simon Bignell (University of Derby) - Formative Group, Webmaster

3D multi-user online virtual worlds; Second Life; ADHD; Autism; Technology-Enhanced Learning; Children's development Dr Simon Bignell







Dr Emily Collins (UCL)

Problematic digital game use; MMORPGs; post-work recovery; work-life balance

Emily Collins


Dr Neil Coulson (University of Nottingham)

Online communities; online support; social networking



Dr Noirin Curran (University College Cork, Ireland)

Human-Computer Interaction; Digital games; Immersion; Usability



Azar Eftekhar (University of Wolverhampton)

Personality and online behavior, visual markers of personality, motivations for online photo-related activities, online impression management


 Simon Evans

Second Life; virtual self;

Simon Evans


Nicola Fox Hamilton (University of Wolverhampton)

Online dating, interpersonal attraction; online communication; personality

nicola fox hamilton


Dr Chris Fullwood (University of Wolverhampton) - Formative Group

Online impression management; forming impressions in cyberspace; personality and internet use; blogging motivations and behaviour; textspeak; internet use by vulnerable and marginalised groups

Chris Fullwood


Prof Mark Griffiths (Nottingham Trent University)

Behavioural addiction (gaming, gambling, Internet; exercise)



Dr David Houghton (University of Birmingham)

Online privacy, disclosure; online relationships; social media

David Houghton


Dr Zaheer Hussain (University of Derby)

Virtual communities; inter-group conflict; attitude change; Internet addiction; digital gaming

Zaheer Hussain






Dr Adam Joinson (University of West England, Bristol)

Online privacy, disclosure, behavioural change; social media and interaction

Adam Joinson


Dr Linda Kaye (Edge Hill University) - Formative Group

Digital games; social contexts; self-presentation; social identity; psychological well-being

Dr Linda Kaye


Dr Gráinne Kirwan (Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology)

Cybercrime; online deception

Grainne Kirwan


Dr Rachel Kowert (University of Munster)

Game studies; mediated communication; social motivations for play; social competence



Dr Ben Marder (University of Edinburgh)

Social behaviour; commercial behaviour; social media; online self-presentation; online identity



 Dr Lisa Orchard (University of Derby)

Personality online; social networking; group processes; social comparison theory Lisa Orchard





Angelica B. Ortiz de Gortari (Nottingham Trent University)

Digital games; Game Transfer Phenomena; Technoculture

Angelica Ortiz de Gortari


Dr Andrew Power (Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology)

Cybercrime; eGovernment; Social Media; Online identity

Andrew Power


Sally Quinn (University of York)

Positive uses of technology, online relationships, psychological wellbeing, cyberbullying, social networking sites



Tracii Ryan (RMIT University)

Facebook; personality; social networking sites;

Tracii Ryan



Dr Chris Stiff (Keele University)

Digital goods and consumer behaviour; perceptions and behaviour on social networking sites

Chris Stiff


Prof Monica Whitty (University of Leicester)

Online dating; cybersex; online identities; online trust; online scams;

Monica Whitty



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